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Default Synchronicity

I believe is the universe showing signs of intelligence.

A little bit is ignorable, but I get synchronicity so much. Seeing repeating digits, I get it at least twice a day. Like dozens of times a day if I'm working on music.

And then there are just simple little coincidences, of which I get one every couple of days.

My second favourite one was I was just working at a cat shelter and got scratched up pretty bad. We were in a Five Guys and my mother says something like "Hope you don't get cat scratch fever." and then immediately afterwards "Cat Scratch Fever" came on the radio.

My favourite... In grade 10 or 11, I was walking back to school from lunch with an acquaintance. I slipped and fell on the ice and two seniors drove by and gave me the slow clap. Then we turned on to the next street and the senior's car had slipped on the ice and rammed into a tree. We laughed and gave them the slow clap. Everyone was fine, by the way.
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